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The most powerful framework available for WordPress.


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On June 12, 2012, at WordCampNYC, we announced Piklist. Developers were awed by its power, and beginners were amazed by how simple it was to use.

Over the next nine years, we released 92 versions, making it more stable and secure, but we never had time to take it to the next level.

We're partners in Piklist, but we have our own separate WordPress development shops and use Piklist with our clients. Every day, we worked on improving it, but sadly life just got in the way. We both have families, and our client work took precedence over making a business out of Piklist.

Today, we are announcing that Piklist is officially shutting down. The plugin will no longer be updated at The website, support forum, and documentation have been archived on Github pages.

This was a very tough decision to make. You have been unbelievably supportive and dedicated, and we can't thank you enough for using Piklist over the last nine years.

Thank you,

Steve and Kevin