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Welcome to Be A Hero

Hi! I'm a web video-game for smartphone, developed by Team 3 of P2021 for an intensive week at HETIC. If you want to learn more about us, follow our school on Twitter !

⚡️ How to launch me ?

Click on this link ! Simple, isn't it ?

💥 Gameplay

Login or register with your account, choose your hero name and skin, and you are good to go !
Now, hero, go on the missions page, and go help citizens !

🚀 Unlimited generated missions

Heroes don't take breaks, so you will always have missions on your hero map ! With great powers, come great responsibility...

🎨 Many heroes choices

Iron Man, Spider Man, Burno, we got the whole team together ! Avengers ! Assemble !

📝 Funny scenarios

Because who said being a hero can't be fun ? Tony Stark approuves

💡 Future improvements

  • Create your hero : the possibility to make your own hero of many character parts (head, costume, masks, etc.)
  • Unlocking skins : The more level you have, the more skins you get.

💚 Thank you ! 💚

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