PhantomJS for Raspberry Pi
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PhantomJS for Raspberry Pi

PhantomJS binary for Raspberry Pi.
Compiled on Raspbian Hardfloat.

Instruction set: armv6 (compatible with all raspberry pi devices)

Note: Due to different versions of libraries for Rasbian prior to Stretch, you'll have to use the jessie branch.

2017-09-09: Compiled 2.1.1 for Raspbian Stretch
2017-06-26: Compiled the first qt5 version: 2.1.1
2014-11-18: Updated to a freshly compiled 1.9.8 (latest as of writing this).

Dependencies: libicu57, libssl1.0.2, gstreamer0.10-base, fontconfig, and freetype2

To install them:
sudo apt install libicu57 libssl1.0.2 gstreamer0.10-base fontconfig freetype2