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Simple userscript/extension for AniList that adds a few additional features.
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Current Features

  • Adds character data from MyAnimeList since most of the time AniList does not have a complete character list.
  • Adds OP/ED data from MyAnimeList.
  • Adds MAL scores.
  • Adds total amount of following, followers, forum threads, and forum comments a user has to the social tab of the user's profile.
  • Toggle to display character lists as grid (default) or as a list.
  • Adds Anilist link to MyAnimeList pages.


Chrome Web Store

Firefox Add-ons


If the above link just opens the file, it means your browser lacks a userscript manager. If that's the case then install one like TamperMonkey with the links provided below and then click on the above link again to finish the AniList Extras installation process.

Getting TamperMonkey

Planned Features (maybe)

  • /characters support.
  • Sort anime by title on the /staff page.
  • Add toggle to only show anime that is in the user's list on the /staff page.


  • Kana For this readme, the banner, and improvements to the script itself.
  • Arkon For contributing and adding new features.
  • Jikan For the MAL API. Made my life sooo much easier.
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