Front-end login functionality for WordPress sites using Gravity Forms
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Pilau Gravity Forms Frontend Login

A Gravity Forms add-on to provide frontend login functionality.

NOTE: Depends on the Gravity Forms plugin.


Note that the plugin folder should be named gravity-forms-frontend-login. This is because if the GitHub Updater plugin is used to update this plugin, if the folder is named something other than this, it will get deleted, and the updated plugin folder with a different name will cause the plugin to be silently deactivated.

Usage notes

  • When activated, if the login form isn't present, it'll be imported.
  • Don't change the titles of the form - many actions are taken based on recognising the form by its title.
  • Likewise, don't remove the default classes for the fields.
  • Settings (under Forms > Settings > Frontend Login) include:
    • Roles to be blocked from the admin area
    • The page to redirect blocked users to
    • Whether or not to keep entries for each form.
      • NOTE: Always make sure the password field in any form includes the CSS class password - this will make sure password values are never stored in Gravity Forms entry data.
  • Place the login form where you need them.
  • Use the User Registration add-on for registration and profile updating.