Some FONCTIONNAL sample of filter for Ettercap (some Etterfilter)
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Some FONCTIONNAL sample of filter for Ettercap (some Etterfilter)

## Introduction

This project is associated to another mine :

The main goals of this project is to implement an attack scenario as below :

  • Implement backdoor like remote-shell with Bash
  • Attack Man In the middle with Ettercap (like ARP Spoofing)
  • Hosting a backdoor installer
  • Automate data alteration to inject our backdoor inside the computer of target by a browser
  • If the target run (naively) the script (ie: the backdoor installer) without reading code source the computer is infected and the attacker can obtain a remote access command
  • Detect and prevent this kind of attack with NIDS tool as Snort

Notice :

  • The programming language was choose only for a Proof of Concept (POC)
  • The socket layer is assumed by a portable version of Netcat. I compiled Netcat for i686 and x86_64 computer architecture a put the binary inside this project.
  • The transmited data were encrypted with AES-128 (without using Cryptocat). The data are encrypted on the fly via OpenSSL.

## Requirements

  • ettercap (v0.8.1)
  • etterfilter (v0.8.1)

## How it work ? TODO