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Welcome to Zwitscher

Welcome to Zwitscher, a microblogging client for Android, that is licensed under the ASL V2 license (as is Twitter4j) — see LICENSE.txt I know that this is not the first one and far from working good. It is first a "real" project for me to get into Android programming.

Currently the client uses the twitter4j library, but I think in the longer term, I will directly go to use REST/Json, as there is already native Json support in the Android libraries - this lets me learn that part - it scales down the application size.

For the start I did not really set a target Android platform - at the end it had to work on my HTC Desire with Android 2.2. This has been changed since and futher development on the master branch will only be for Api level 14 and later, which corresponds to Android 4.0+. The statistics from the market show that > 65% of all devices that run Zwitscher run on 4.0+

Zwitscher hat been translated into some languages - if you want to help translating into new languages, ping me.

If you find issues or want new features, please open an issue on the github tracker at https://github.com/pilhuhn/ZwitscherA/issues


As Twitter.com is not really ready to handle open source projects, you need to register the app at Twitter and then provide a class Token (renamed from TwitterConsumerToken) that looks like this with the values Twitter provided you with put in:

    package de.bsd.zwitscher;

    public class Tokens

        public static String consumerKey = "replaceWithKey";
        public static String consumerSecret = "replaceWithSecret";
        public static boolean xAuthEnabled = false;

        public static final String readItLaterToken = "";

        public static String tweetMarkerToken = "";

        public static String bugSenseKe = "";

To obtain these Twittter-Tokens, go to http://twitter.com/apps and log in. Then click on "Register an Application" and give some details. When this is done you will end up on a page that lists application details including consumerKey and consumerSecret. As Twitter by default does not enable xAuth, the third parameter needs to be set to false to go through the "normal" oAuth procedure of logging in.

Zwitscher has meanwhile progressed enough to be available on the Android market. For this version you don’t need to obtain any tokens.

Support for ReadItlater (http://http://readitlaterlist.com/)

If you want to add Suppor for ReadItlater, you need to get a Token and put it into above Token file as well

Support for TweetMarker

Zwitscher can now also sync last read information with TweetMarker.com (and thus with clients like Twitterriffic). To enable this, you also need to have a token in above tokens file

Support for BugSense

If you supply a token value for bugSense, BugSense crash reporting is turned on.