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Arduino-code for my XY-plotter
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The plotter waits on its serial interface for commands.

Currently implemented commands are

  • s : manual mode. Pass in a path definition to make the plotter move.

  • E : enable the motors

  • D : disable the motors

  • X,G : some test modes

  • C : continuous mode: see below

  • H : Go home - sets the plotter to its defined home point

  • u : pen up, raises the pen so that it does not draw

  • d : pen down, lowers the pen so that it draws

Path definition

Path commands are relative movements from the current position of the print head. The format follows:

    PIPE::= '|'
    SPACE ::= ' '
    XCHAR ::= 'X'
    YCHAR ::= 'Y'
    MINUS ::= '-'
    NUM ::= ['0'-'9']
    PEN_UP ::= 'U'
    PEN_DOWN ::= 'D'

    item ::= (XCHAR | YCHAR) MINUS? NUM+
    move ::= item (SPACE item)
    segment ::= move | PEN_UP | PEN_DOWN
    path ::= segment ( PIPE segment)*

where 'n' is a numeric digit.


  • X30 - move 30 units on the X-axis

  • Y-2 - move -2 units on the Y-axis

  • X10 Y5 - move 10 units on the X-axis and also 5 units on the y-axis

  • X2 Y2|X-2 - first move 2 units on the X-axis and 2 on the y-axis. Then move -2 units on the X-axis

The units depend on the setting of the plotter. In my case 1 unit = 1mm.

Continuous mode

With the 's' command, the plotter expects one path definition, does the work and waits for a new command.

With continuous mode, the plotter only expects path segments after continuous mode was enabled. It processes the segments and then reads the next path from serial input. If it encounters -END it will stop and exit continuous mode.

Example to display the start of a Hilbert curve
X4 Y0|X0 Y4|X-4 Y0|X0 Y4|X0 Y4|X4 Y0|X0 Y-4
X4 Y0|X0 Y4|X4 Y0|X0 Y-4|X0 Y-4|X-4 Y0|X0 Y-4

Plotter responses

The plotter responds with vaious kind of data. If it waits for more input it will reply with a text starting with OK. Debug output starts with D. If the plotter encounters an error it will repyl with ERR.

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