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Prefilter for 433 MHz remotes (and similar protocolls) written for an attiny45
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pilight firmware

this is an rf receiver prefilter for pilight build with an ATTiny45 / 85. it prefilters the received signal to reduce the load for pilight ( you be warned: this could potentionally damage your raspberry pi and also other hardware. i take no responsability for any damages! use at your own risk!

  1. Install avrgcc:

sudo apt-get install gcc-avr avr-libc
  1. Install modified avrdude:

sudo dpkg -i avrdude_5.10-4_armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i avrdude-doc_5.10-4_all.deb
  1. Calculate the MIN_PULSELENGTH and MAX_PULSELENGTH values

MIN_PULSELENGTH =  ( shortest expected pulse - 10% ) / 10
MAX_PULSELENGTH =  ( longest expected pulse + 10% ) / 10

the shortest expected pulse is the minimal base pulse-width of all your protocols
the longest expected pulse is the maximal base pulse-width of all your protocols multiplied by 34
  1. Compile and program ATTiny:

make all

Additional info:

###Calculate fuses:


I use this circuit without resistors. if you want you can even power the ATTiny with 3.3V, it works for 4 out 5 ATTiny's, but i think the timing is less accurate. schematic

Name Raspberry Pi V2 ATTiny45 433 Receiver
MOSI 19 5 -
MISO 21 6 -
SCK 23 7 -
RESET 24 1 -
PI_IN see pilight cfg 2 -

to change the pins create an .avrduderc file in your home directory containing (the numbering is wiringpi numbering!):

	id    = "gpio";
	desc  = "Use sysfs interface to bitbang GPIO lines";
	type  = gpio;
	reset = 8;
	sck   = 11;
	mosi  = 10;
	miso  = 9;


If you want to program an ATTiny85 add a parameter when calling make:

Make all type=t85
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