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docs: fix notation for optional keys argument

closes #55
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commit a551e50592a09decb91c6d0218e9064d821f9582 1 parent 9a181e8
@ArtskydJ ArtskydJ authored dougwilson committed
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Cookies is a [node.js]( module for getting and setting HTTP(S
## API
-### cookies = new Cookies( request, response, keys )
+### cookies = new Cookies( request, response, [ keys ] )
This creates a cookie jar corresponding to the current _request_ and _response_. A [Keygrip]( object or an array of keys can optionally be passed as the third argument _keygrip_ to enable cryptographic signing based on SHA1 HMAC, using rotated credentials.
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