rewrite tests #31

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jonathanong commented Jan 31, 2014

currently tests aren't web scale

  • doesn't process.exit() correctly without control flow and either closing the server or manually exiting the process
  • can't use CI since it doesn't exit
  • difficult to add and edit tests

if anyone wants to add tests... i like mocha but i don't discriminate


jonathanong commented May 7, 2014

@defunctzombie @dougwilson @Fishrock123 this lib is in expressjs now :D we should probably clean up tests first before adding encryption and such. i'll work on it this weekend unless someone else beats me to it.


Fishrock123 commented May 7, 2014

mocha +1 +1 +1 (I'm allowed to do that right?)

Idk enough about that sort of encryption to work on it much, but I might be able to help with tests.

+1 for mocha qunit or tdd style tests (or bdd if that really suits your fancy).


dougwilson commented May 12, 2014

The tests still need to be rewritten, but commit bc25564 at least fixes the stalling on node.js >= 0.10


jonathanong commented May 13, 2014

okay i updated tests to mocha. don't really like how it's currently formatted, but i think we can just iterate as we add and change stuff

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