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content-length is incorrect when requested range.end is larger than the actual content-length #5

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Fixed by taking the minimum of requested range.end and actual content-length (-1)

tj commented

test please :D


Ah, so this problem has been fixed since send was extracted. It's quite non-obvious, though, being done in the range-parser.

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Sebastian Schürmann Fixing issue #5 35a742b
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40kb limit on html files #25

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Commits on Aug 8, 2012
  1. @mtsr

    Fixed incorrect content-length when requested range.end is larger tha…

    mtsr authored
    …n the actual content-length
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  1. +1 −1  lib/send.js
2  lib/send.js
@@ -362,7 +362,7 @@ SendStream.prototype.send = function(path, stat){
// valid (syntactically invalid ranges are treated as a regular response)
if (-2 != ranges) {
options.start = ranges[0].start;
- options.end = ranges[0].end;
+ options.end = Math.min(ranges[0].end, stat.size - 1);
// Content-Range
len = options.end - options.start + 1;
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