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DamnDam commented Oct 25, 2013

This issue completes #65

Reverse proxy works great in 0.45, but the configuration cannot be saved when accessing through the proxy.
On the configuration page, the 'saveconfig' post call should be prefixed with the reverse proxy directory.

DamnDam commented Oct 25, 2013

For example, on my installation, I solved this by hardcoding the reverse proxy prefix here :


$.post($SCRIPT_ROOT + "/revproxy/saveconfig", $("#cfgform").serialize(),
pillone commented Oct 25, 2013

thanks for the report.

fixed in the 0.46RC_bugfix branch

DamnDam commented Oct 25, 2013

Thank you =)

DamnDam commented Oct 26, 2013

Hmm.. This is not fully OK.

In case you set up a wrong revproxy, you are definitely prevented from saving the configuration ever.

Bug replication :

  • Set the revproxy to '/foo' in the config page.
  • Save
  • Reload the config page
    -> Saving in now broken

IMHO, revproxy setting should be banned from the config page and be loaded from a configuration file on startup only.

pillone commented Oct 26, 2013


it is not easy to bring this functionality decently without having a rev proxy setup.
It is basically based on user patches..

I fix this

DamnDam commented Nov 13, 2013

Perfect !
Thank you for your work.

@DamnDam DamnDam closed this Nov 13, 2013
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