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Prometheus Metrics for Flask Web App
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Flask Prometheus Metrics

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Prometheus metrics exporter for Flask web applications.

flask_prometheus_metrics uses official Prometheus Python Client providing basic metrics about process resource usage, app's requests metrics and information.


pip install -U flask_prometheus_metrics

You will need Flask to run examples below:

pip install -U 'flask_prometheus_metrics[flask]'


Run the following minimal example in Python shell:

from flask import Flask
from prometheus_client import make_wsgi_app
from werkzeug.middleware.dispatcher import DispatcherMiddleware
from werkzeug.serving import run_simple
from flask_prometheus_metrics import register_metrics

app = Flask(__name__)

def index():
    return "Test"

# provide app's version and deploy environment/config name to set a gauge metric
register_metrics(app, app_version="v0.1.2", app_config="staging")

# Plug metrics WSGI app to your main app with dispatcher
dispatcher = DispatcherMiddleware(app.wsgi_app, {"/metrics": make_wsgi_app()})

run_simple(hostname="localhost", port=5000, application=dispatcher)

Then go over http://localhost:5000/, refresh page a few times and check your app's metrics at http://localhost:5000/metrics.

See also for more elaborate example of library usage in real Flask applications.


flask_prometheus_metrics exposes the following application metrics:

  • app_request_latency_seconds (histogram) - Application request latency
  • app_request_count_total (counter) - application request count
  • app_version_info (gauge) - application version

Library also provides some metrics about a Python interpreter used and process resource usage:

  • python_gc_objects_collected_total (counter) - objects collected during gc
  • python_gc_objects_uncollectable_total (counter) - uncollectable object found during GC
  • python_gc_collections_total (counter) - number of times this generation was collected
  • python_info (gauge) - Python platform information
  • process_virtual_memory_bytes (gauge) - virtual memory size in bytes
  • process_resident_memory_bytes (gauge) - resident memory size in bytes
  • process_start_time_seconds (gauge) - start time of the process since unix epoch in seconds
  • process_cpu_seconds_total (counter) - total user and system CPU time spent in seconds
  • process_open_fds (gauge) - number of open file descriptors
  • process_max_fds (gauge) - maximum number of open file descriptors

Grafana dashboard

The metrics exported by flask_prometheus_metrics can be scraped by Prometheus monitoring system and then visualized in Grafana.

You can download Grafana dashboard crafted specifically for the flask_prometheus_metrics default metrics here.

Grafana visualisation


When testing Flask application with DispatcherMiddleware (see Usage example above) you may want to use a little hack in order to make Flask's test_client() work properly.

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