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Pilosus Pelican Theme

Pilosus Pelican Theme is a minimalistic theme for Pelican based on Pelican's 4.0.1 default theme, a lightweight responsive Skeleton CSS Boilerplate and Pygments for code syntax highlighting.


  1. Get the theme files:
$ git clone

or go get an archive at:

$ browser
  1. (Optional) You can add the theme repo as a submodule in your blog repository:
$ cd your-blog-repo
$ git submodule add

It allows you to use git submodule update to get the latest version of the theme.

  1. Generate your static website with a path to the theme:
$ pelican content -s -t /your/path/to/pilosus-pelican-theme

You can also define THEME variable in your settings to point to the location of your preferred theme.


Based on Skeleton CSS, the theme supports all its typography. A few style classes were added to customs.css to play nicely with some reStructuredText directives and their options.

Minutes to read

Template gets use of word count Pelican plugin. If pluging is installed, add DISPLAY_WORD_COUNT variable to your settings and set it to True in order to show number of words and reading time in minutes in articles information block.

Search input

Use DISPLAY_SEARCH boolean variable in your settings (e.g. to enable/disable text input for Google search. Text submitted to the field is searched in Google with site:{{ SITEURL }} argument.


Floating left and right

reStructuredText image directive's align option has CSS classes for both left and right floating:

.. image:: picture.jpeg
   :alt: alternate text
   :align: left

Responsive images

You can also make an image responsive (scaling up and down as you resize browser window) with :class: responsive option in image directive:

.. image:: {static}/images/htop-minikube.png
   :alt: htop tool
   :class: responsive
   :target: {static}/images/htop-minikube.png

Rounded images

Use classes .circle and .rounded to render images with border-radius.

Table of Contents

contents directive generates a div block of class contents. It's also got a CSS style in custom.css. Use it in your *.rst files like so:

.. contents::

Disqus Comments

In order to activate Disqus comments DISQUS_SITENAME and SITEURL variables in or

Comments are hidden for the drafts and articles with :comments: False in metadata.


A responsive minimalistic theme for Pelican static blog generator







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