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Stories in Ready eventator

events managing with easiest ticketing systems



  • feel free to play with demo
  • access to the admin panel by /event/admin
  • with admin/admin


  • download or clone repo git clone my_event/
  • create app/cache and app/logs directories with 777 permissions
  • get composer curl -S | php
  • install dependencies php composer.phar install
  • create database php app/console doctrine:database:create
  • create schema php app/console doctrine:schema:create
  • install assets php app/console assets:install
  • open browser and follow to the http://your-events.loc/event/admin for initial setup
  • login and password to the backend admin / admin
  • bingo!

run tests

  • behat ./bin/beahat features
  • phpspec ./bin/phpspec

who use it

If you use Eventator platform please send email to alex[at], I'll add you to the list


eventator_carousel speakers_list eventator_schedule_list about eventator_venue how_it_was eventator_sponsors organizers eventator_contact_us

old view before 1.5 release



All what you can find at this repo shared under the MIT License