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With your help, we can make the web more usable.

Would you like to contribute to pilotfish? Check out the TODO list for an area that you can help. See a typo that needs fixed? Would you like to build your own plugin? Want to fix a bug? Have you written some code that you'd like to convert to a pilotfish plugin?

We use (github's pull requests](https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests) for contributions. It's easy.

  1. Fork this repo (you'll need a github account)
  2. Make your changes, commit.
  3. Issue a pull request.
  4. Someone from the core team will review your changes, and merge them in.
  5. Add your name to CONTRIBUTORS. :)
  6. Profit. (not really, but you'll help make the world a better place).

If you're writing code, you may want to look at our development guide guide so that our coding conventions are followed.