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Pilotfish rating system

In order to gauge the quality and maturity of the code inside the pilotfish community we've developed an objective rating system.

Looking to get started with your own plugin? Check out the plugins documentation.

Have a different idea? Fork this repo, make your suggested changes, and submit a pull request!

Half a fish image

We all need to start somewhere, right? The developer makes no guarantees of stability, and you shouldn't be using it on a site you care about.

One fish image


On at least 1 production site, being used by real end users.

  • Documentation via README, with the following sections:

    • LICENSE, referenced in the documentation Sample
    • Usage/Example code
    • History
    • Issues/Support
  • Unit tests that can be run through a browser. Sample, with instructions for doing so in the documentation

  • Code passes a static processor like jslint or jshint

Two fish image


  • Multiple sites using it
  • Author is responsive to issues
  • Established release process with versioning and change notes/history. Sample

Three fish image


  • Online demo
  • Grunt or some other automated build tool for release. Sample
  • editorconfig or other solution for coding style consistency
  • More than one contributor. Contributors listed out in the README or a CONTRIBUTORS file. Sample
  • Continuous Integration to run linting and unit tests on every commit. Grunt and travis-ci recommended
  • Solid Documentation either in a /doc/ subfolder or a wiki.
  • Integration tests with a real browser (using Casperjs, Phantomjs, Selenium etc.)
  • At least 3 months of production usage with real users

Four fish image


Stable, production quality code. This plugin has been in use for at least 6 months on multiple production sites, and has encountered a wide enough variety of edge cases that it's known to be stable. This shit don't stank.

  • Continuous Integration/Testing for the online demo
  • Mechanism for the community to coordinate, handle support, and improve the plugin (mailing list)
  • Separate development/beta/production code lines
  • CDN hosting for the production release of the js
  • Multiple contributors responsible for the project
  • Code hosted on NPM
  • Plugin has its own repository
  • Issue tracker

Five fish image


Obtaining five fish is impossible for humans. If so, it would imply perfection, and we'd have to redo the scale. 4.5 is as high as you can go. :)