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# Require gets overwritten by browserify, so we have to reimplement it from scratch - boo :(
webpage = core_require('webpage');
proto = require 'dnode-protocol'
[port] = phantom.args
controlPage = webpage.create()
fnwrap = (target) -> -> target.apply this, arguments
# Descend into objects with dotted keys
descend = (op, obj, key, val) ->
cur = obj
keys = key.split '.'
cur = cur[keys.shift()] while keys.length > 1
cur[keys[0]] = val if op is 'set'
mkwrap = (src, pass=[], special={}) ->
obj =
set: (key, val, cb=->) ->
#Fnwrap so PhantomJS doesn't segfault when it tries to call the callback
val = fnwrap val if typeof val is "function"
cb descend 'set', src, key, val
get: (key, cb) -> cb descend 'get', src, key
for k in pass
do (k) ->
obj[k] = (args...) ->
# This idempotent tomfoolery is required to stop PhantomJS from segfaulting
args[i] = fnwrap arg for arg, i in args when typeof arg is 'function'
src[k] args...
for own k of special
obj[k] = special[k]
pageWrap = (page) -> mkwrap page,
injectJs: (js, cb=->) -> cb page.injectJs js
evaluate: (fn, cb=(->), args...) -> cb page.evaluate.apply(page, [fn].concat(args))
render: (file, cb=->) -> page.render file; cb()
renderBase64: (type, cb=->) -> cb page.renderBase64 type
setHeaders: (headers, cb=->) -> page.customHeaders = headers; cb()
setViewportSize: (width, height, cb=->) ->
page.viewportSize = {width:width, height:height}; cb()
_phantom = mkwrap phantom,
injectJs: (js, cb=->) -> cb phantom.injectJs js
getCookies: (cb=->) -> cb(phantom.cookies)
addCookie: (name, value, domain, cb=->) ->
cookie = {name:name, value:value, domain:domain}
clearCookies: (cb=->) -> cb phantom.clearCookies()
createPage: (cb) -> cb pageWrap webpage.create()
server = proto _phantom
s = server.create()
s.on 'request', (req) ->
#console.log "phantom sending request #{JSON.stringify req}"
#evil = "function(){socket.send(#{JSON.stringify JSON.stringify req} + '\\n');}"
evil = "function(){socket.emit('message', #{JSON.stringify JSON.stringify req} + '\\n');}"
controlPage.evaluate evil
controlPage.onAlert = (msg) ->
return unless msg[0..5] is "PCTRL "
#console.log "phantom got request " + msg[6..]
s.parse msg[6..]
controlPage.onConsoleMessage = (msg...) -> console.log msg... "{port}/", (status) ->
#console.log 'Control page title is ' + controlPage.evaluate -> document.title