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javascript musiXmatch API library for nodejs
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musiXmatch API library for NodeJS


npm install -g musixmatch


var util  = require("util");
var mXm   = require("musixmatch");

mXm.Config.API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY";

var successCallback = function(modelOrCollection) {
  console.log("  " + util.inspect(modelOrCollection));

var errorCallback = function(response) {
  console.log("Error callback:");
  console.log("  " + util.inspect(response));

mXm.API.getTrack(TRACK_ID, successCallback, errorCallback);
mXm.API.getLyrics(LYRICS_ID, successCallback, errorCallback);
mXm.API.getArtist(ARTIST_ID, successCallback, errorCallback);
mXm.API.getAlbum(ALBUM_ID, successCallback, errorCallback);
mXm.API.getSubtitle(TRACK_ID, successCallback, errorCallback);
mXm.API.searchTrack({q: QUERY}, successCallback);
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