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missing icons #47

bl4d3 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Mattia Lipreri Brett Valeriy Sizov Jason Miller
Mattia Lipreri

Hi, I was not able to copy those images:




rails g web_app_theme:assets

I manually created the folder


and copied them from gem source.
Am i missing something?
Thank you


I'm having a similar problem too, except I don't have the icon images at all. I looked into my gem source and there isn't any folder called:


They aren't in the source code anymore. I had to download an old version to get the icons. Where have the icons gone?

Valeriy Sizov

big bug that exist a long time. @pilu can you fix it?

Jason Miller

Same issue here. Icons weren't showing up in development, which I could ignore, but now I'm getting errors in production.

ActionView::Template::Error (web-app-theme/icons/tick.png isn't precompiled):
    10:     <%= image_tag("web-app-theme/icons/tick.png", :alt => "#{t("", :default => "Save")}") %> <%= t("", :default => "Save") %>

I went back in the repo and found the images here. I've just placed them in /app/assets/images/web-app-theme/icons/

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