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breaks rails generator? scaffolding a different project creates references to web-app-theme #56

jpwynn opened this Issue · 0 comments

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I installed and used web-app-theme for a project a few weeks ago.

Today I created a NEW project from scratch using 'rails new' command. That project does not use web-app-theme.

When I scaffolded that new project the delete button confirm message STILL refers to web-app-theme:

= link_to "Delete", product_path(@product), :method => "delete", :confirm => "#{t("web-app-theme.confirm", :default => "Are you sure?")}", :class => 'btn'

Even after removing the web-app-theme gem, then removing the rails 3.1.3 gem, then re-installing rails 3.1.3 ge,, the scaffolding still refers to web-app-theme (but only for the DELETE action).

How can rails be 'stuck' referring to web-app-theme, and how can I fix that?

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