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made web-app-theme rails 3.1 compatible #40

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I made sure web-app-theme works with rails 3.0 and rails 3.1. Furthermore I fixed the specs so the generators are tested more. I did not check the cucumber features.

simonmd commented Aug 23, 2011

Excellent! when would this be merged?

rgabo commented Aug 27, 2011

@nathanvda, can you please rebase it to 0.7.0. Your fork does not contain Activo 2 theme and it will also be easier for @pilu to pull. I've done this for ourselves in our fork, but I'm sure others would love to point your Gemfile's to your fork until it gets pulled into an official version.


I had some troubles getting the default (activo-2) working correctly. I got it to work (without needing to edit any stylesheet) if i copied the images and fonts (under stylesheets) to app/assets/images. Not sure if this is the wanted approach, but this way at least is the easiest to maintain backward compatibility.

rgabo commented Aug 28, 2011

The 'problem' is that the default JS and CSS assets are combined into application.js and application.css in Rails 3.1, so any relative paths will be relative to that, even if they were originally pulled in by Sprockets from a subdirectory by require_tree .. I think in many cases (such as internal applications), pulling in web-app-theme separate from the combined assets is fine, but it needs changes to the default application.css.

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