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pimatic mail plugin

Provides an action handler to send mails from pimatic rules. It uses nodemailer v0.7 which supports all common mail transports.


You can load the backend by editing your config.json to include:

  "plugin": "mail",
  "transport": "SMTP",
  "transportOptions": {
    "service": "Gmail", // sets automatically host, port and connection security settings
    "auth": {
        "user": "",
        "pass": "userpass"
  "to": ""

in the plugins section. For all configuration options see mail-config-schema. The transport options are transport dependent and listed at nodemailer v0.7.

Advanced Configuration Example for GMX

If your mail service provider is not on nodemailer's list of well known services an advanced transport configuration is required. Below, an example configuration for GMX is provided. This configuration deals with some issues which may also apply to other mail service providers:

  • Host and Port of the mail service. You can obtain this information from your mail service provider.
  • The GMX SMTP mailer is picky about encryption ciphers used and, thus, the cipher suite used for pimatic must be set to 'SSLv3'
  • The "from" address must be set explicitly to your mailbox address. Otherwise, the mail will be rejected with error 550 which is provides a measure against misuse of mail addresses. You should set the 'from' address as part of the plugin configuration.


  "plugin": "mail",
  "transport": "SMTP",
  "transportOptions": {
    "host": "",
    "port": 587,
    "tls": {
      "ciphers": "SSLv3"
    "auth": {
      "user": "",
      "pass": "TopSecret"
    "maxConnections": 5
  "from": ""


You can send mail messages as part of rule actions. The "send mail" action supports the following modifiers:

  • to: The mail recipient's address
  • from: The mail sender's address
  • text: An Unicode string containing the plaintext version of the message body. If, both, text and html modifiers are absent, the default text will be used as defined by the plugin configuration
  • html: An Unicode string containing the HTML version of the message body. If, both, text and html modifiers are present, an e-mail with a multi-part body will be generated containing the plain text and the HTML text
  • file: A path to a file which will be attached to the mail

Generally, each modifier can only by applied once per mail action. For to: and file: modifiers, multiple occurrences are supported.

Example Rule

IF it is 08:00 THEN send mail to:"" subject:"Good morning!" text:"Good morning Dave!"


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