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Via the config option output_data_config_toolkit.classification_store.display_mode it is possible to choose different display modes for classification store keys in the output definition config window:

  1. all: all classificationstore keys are displayed at the bottom of the config tree
  2. object: only keys which are in any assigned group of the current object
  3. relevant: object mode is used if any group is assigned, else all keys are shown
  4. none: No classificationstore keys are displayed
DisplayMode all or relevant and type is folder or the object has no assigned group


DisplayMode object or relevant and object has any assigned group


Get classificationstore key value, assign classificationstore name and classificationstore group.

for eq.

    $outputDataConfig = OutputDataConfigToolkitBundle\Service::getOutputDataConfig($object, 'Output config channel');
    $outputDataConfig[0]->classificationstore = 'Attributes';     ### classificationstore field name in object 
    $outputDataConfig[0]->classificationstore_group = 'Product';  ### Classificationstore group name