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General architecture



Adapters are used to personalize the search results regarding a specifc criteria, like the user's browsing history or relevant products which have been bought by similar customers. There are three different types of adapters in this extension:

  1. SegmentAdapter
  2. PurchaseHistoryAdapter
  3. RelevantProductAdapter

The following decorators are available in addition to these adapters:

  1. EqualWeightDecoratora
  2. PerformanceMessurementDecorator

The segment-based adapter has the following functionality: The user clicks on different products. This behavior is recorded in the form of segments by Pimcore. These are weighted by the segment-based adapter for search queries and then transmitted to the user.

The purchase-history adapter on the other hand is based on the customer's purchase history. That means every product has segments. If the customer buys products, the segments of these products are of course also included in the order. This information is used in this adapter to make the order of the search. Attention, this adapter therefore only works with a logged in user.

The relevant product adapter is a "similar customer buy the following" adapter. This means that customers are assigned to customer groups and behind customer groups are segments. This means that a user have to be logged on to use this adapter in full if the articles should be prioritized in the search.

To get more information aobut these adapters in detail have a look at Adapters.


Decorators are used for invoking multiple adapters at once. The adapters are to be used either individually or together. The decorator pattern is used to decorate the search action in ProductController with the additional functionality of our adapters. All adapters implement addPersonalization method and return the query with personalization added. With addAdapter you first add all adapters that you want to use to the Decorator and than call addPersonalization method of the Decorator, where addPersonalization method of each adapter is called.


The ETL-Mechanism creates the following three ElasticSearch-Indices via IndexAccessProvider. We need the ETL-Mechanism to fill up the elastic search index with data from the Pimcore database. We do this to optimize the requests for search personalization. To get more details for the ETL-Mechansim (including an overview diagram) go to ETL:

  1. OrderIndex: Contains CustomerId with associated segmentId and segmentCount depending on placed orders
  2. CustomerGroupIndex: Contains CustomerId with associated CustomerGroupId
  3. CustomerGroupSegmentsIndex: Contains CusomterGroupId with associated segmentId and segmentCount And all three adapteres access these indices also via IndexAddProvider.

Adapt Architecture Diagram

For creating the diagram PlantUML has been used. Under macOS this can be installed with brew install plantuml. This extension is executed with plantuml <file.txt> -tsvg The -tsvg extension is used to generate SVG files instead of PNG. To use the correct structure of the .txt files go to the official documentation.