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Customize Menu Entry List

Custom view and perspective settings also allow configuring the context menu and toolbar menu entries. It might be necessary to add additional entries due to bundles or application code.

This is possible with following two events:


Registering for onPerspectiveEditorLoadStructureForPermissions enables you to add a new menu structure, which will then be passed to the onPerspectiveEditorLoadPermissions event.

Registering for onPerspectiveEditorLoadPermissions enables you to add custom visibility settings for your bundle either to one of the default built-in entries or to your own structure you may have created in the onPerspectiveEditorLoadStructureForPermissions event.

Add one or both events to the pimcoreReady hook of your bundle.

Example 1: Add a custom visibility setting to one of the built-in entries:

onPerspectiveEditorLoadPermissions: function (context, menu, permissions) {
    if(context == 'toolbar' && menu == 'search' &&
        permissions[context][menu].indexOf('items.advancedObjectSearch') == -1) {

Example 2: Add your custom structure with custom entries

onPerspectiveEditorLoadStructureForPermissions: function (context, structure) {
    if(context == 'toolbar') {
        structure['customEntry'] = {};

onPerspectiveEditorLoadPermissions: function (context, menu, permissions) {
    if(context == 'toolbar' && menu == 'customEntry') {
        if(permissions[context][menu] == undefined) {
            permissions[context][menu] = [];
        if(permissions[context][menu].indexOf('hidden') == -1) {

For all available built-in entries please have a look at MenuItemPermissionHelper.