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Merge pull request #4520 from pimcore/doc_changes

[DOCS] update master slave database example
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brusch committed Jun 13, 2019
2 parents 8e2c939 + 1149c77 commit 2570778cb1d94716ca56149fff05a57e4039b409
@@ -51,9 +51,9 @@ doctrine:
host: 'slave1'
port: '%pimcore_system_config.database.params.port%'
dbname: '%pimcore_system_config.database.params.dbname%'
user: '%pimcore_system_config.database.params.username%'
password: '%pimcore_system_config.database.params.password%'
port: 3306
dbname: dbname
user: username
password: password
charset: UTF8MB4

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