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Web2Print Tools Bundle for Pimcore

Adds following additional features to the web2print functionality of Pimcore.

  • Favorite Output Channels
  • Document Editable for Configurable Tables
  • PDFreactor controller tool
  • table of contents creation (awesomizr.js)

Favorite Output Channels

Based on the OutputDataConfigToolkit ( this feature allows to save output channels centrally and reuse them in several places.


Document Editable for Configurable Tables

Editable for adding tables with configurable columns based on the output channels to documents.



echo $this->outputchanneltable("tableconfig");

Also see included sample areas PrintColumnAttributeTable and PrintRowAttributeTable.

PDFreactor PDF Creation Helper

PDFreactor PDF Creation Helper allows you to integrate web2print functionality directly into the controller and creates a pdf response from a given HTML.

Usage in controller action:


    public function myAction() {

        //do some stuff...

        $reactor = new ReactorPDF();
        return $reactor->createPDFResponse($renderedHTML);


With url parameter html=1 pdf rendering is deactivated.

Create table of contents

 * - include bundles/web2printtools/vendor/js/awesomizr.js
 * - include bundles/web2printtools/vendor/css/awesomizr.css

    insertiontarget: '#toc-wrapper',
    elements: ['h1','h2'],
    container: {tag: 'ul', addClass: 'toc'},
    line: {tag: 'li'},
    disabledocumenttitle: true,
    toctitle: ' ',
    text: function (elem) {
        return elem.textContent;

See example: toc.js See full documentation and examples: pdfreactor-manual

Running with Pimcore < 5.4

With Pimcore 5.4 the location of static Pimcore files like icons has changed. In order to make this bundle work with Pimcore < 5.4, please add following rewrite rule to your .htaccess.

    # rewrite rule for pre pimcore 5.4 core static files
    RewriteRule ^bundles/pimcoreadmin/(.*) /pimcore/static6/$1 [PT,L]

Migration from Pimcore 4

  • change table name from plugin_web2print_favorite_outputdefinitions to bundle_web2print_favorite_outputdefinitions
RENAME TABLE plugin_web2print_favorite_outputdefinitions TO bundle_web2print_favorite_outputdefinitions; 
  • changed namespace from Web2Print to Web2PrintToolsBundle
  • renamed permission from plugin_web2print_favourite_output_channels' to web2print_web2print_favourite_output_channels`
UPDATE users_permission_definitions SET `key` = REPLACE(`key`, 'plugin_web2print_favourite_output_channels', 'web2print_web2print_favourite_output_channels');
UPDATE users SET permissions = REPLACE(`permissions`, 'plugin_web2print_favourite_output_channels', 'web2print_web2print_favourite_output_channels');
  • removed Custom Document Areas
  • PDFReactor controller plugin replaced by PDFreactor PDF Creation Helper
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