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Automatically generate favicon's and app icon's using RealFaviconGenerator
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RealFaviconGenerator Favicon's for NUXT

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Automatically generates favicons and app icons with different sizes using rfg-api.

  • This module adds link and meta tags for the appropiate favicon's to head
  • The generated manifest.json is added to @nuxtjs/manifest, so should not overwrite existing properties


nuxt-rfg-icon will by default not run in dev mode, set NODE_ENV=production to override

  • Install from npm npm install --save nuxt-rfg-icon or use yarn
  • Add nuxt-rfg-icon to modules section of nuxt.config.js before the line @nuxtjs/manifest
  modules: [
    // Simple usage
   // With options
   ['nuxt-rfg-icon', { masterPicture: '' }],

   // or use global options
   'rfg-icon': {
      static: true,
      staticPath: '/_favicons/',
      masterPicture: 'static/icon.png',
      rfg: <faviconDescription.json from>
  • Create static/icon.png. Recommended to be square png and >= 512x512px



  • Default: [srcDir]/static/icon.png


  • Default: true

If false, icon files will be added as webpack assets during each build. There is no intermediate saving. If true, the headers to be added are saved as headers.json. If headers.json and manifest.json exists while building, the existing files are used and not retrieved from the RealFaviconGenerator api unless force is ticked


  • Default: icons

The static path where the favicons will be saved if static is enabled`


  • Default: false

If true and static files is enabled, force to retrieve new favicons from the RealFaviconGenerator api even when headers.json and manifest.json exist


The faviconDescription configuration from Upload your image on the website and choose your settings. Next click on Generate favicons, click on the tab Node CLI and copy the contents of the faviconDescription.json file to your nuxt.config.js

  • Default
rfg: {
  design: {
    ios: {
      pictureAspect: 'backgroundAndMargin',
      backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
      margin: '14%',
      assets: {
        ios6AndPriorIcons: false,
        ios7AndLaterIcons: false,
        precomposedIcons: false,
        declareOnlyDefaultIcon: true
    desktopBrowser: {},
    windows: {
      pictureAspect: 'whiteSilhouette',
      backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
      onConflict: 'override',
      assets: {
        windows80Ie10Tile: false,
        windows10Ie11EdgeTiles: {
          small: false,
          medium: true,
          big: false,
          rectangle: false
    androidChrome: {
      pictureAspect: 'noChange',
      themeColor: '#ffffff',
      manifest: {
        display: 'standalone',
        orientation: 'notSet',
        onConflict: 'override',
        declared: true
      assets: {
        legacyIcon: false,
        lowResolutionIcons: false
    safariPinnedTab: {
      pictureAspect: 'silhouette',
      themeColor: '#5bbad5'
  settings: {
    scalingAlgorithm: 'Mitchell',
    errorOnImageTooSmall: false
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