Tool for analyzing Starcraft 2 maps by region decomposition
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This project has been moved to Gitlab. Thanks everyone for the attention we've gotten here, we hope you'll follow and stay updated! /mejan, pimmen


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Library for analyzing Starcraft 2 maps by region decomposition. Based on the Brood War Easy Map architecture created by Igor Dimitrijevic. It uses the MIT license.

Getting started

Demo for Commandcenter is found here. Which is a very short demo just to get started.

Include the file MapImpl.h into your project to get started.

#include "Overseer/src/MapImpl.h"

You need to pass a pointer to your Agent to the map to have it fully configured. Then you need to call Intialize() to construct the map. Now you're good to go! This is how it would look on Interloper LE

	Overseer::MapImpl map;

	map.setBot(&bot); //Pass a pointer to your sc2::Agent
	map.Initialize(); //Intialize the map

	std::cout << "Number of tiles on map: " << map.size() << std::endl;
	std::cout << "Number of regions: " << map.getRegions().size() << std::endl;

Example output:

Number of tiles on map: 26752
Number of regions: 18

If you want the number of ChokePoint you have to check for each region pair since a pair of regions could have multiple ChokePoint

Project status

Overseer is currently under construction. Feel free to make a pull request!


The documentation is for local use only and can be found here. To open it on your local machine go into the doc/html/ and open index.html in your webbrowser.


The license for this software (Overseer) can be found here.

Third party software license