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Python library for the ADXL345
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This code is old and obsolete, you should use the Adafruit code from here:

Raspberry Pi Python i2c library for the ADXL3453-axis MEMS accelerometer IC which is used in breakout boards like the Adafruit ADXL345 Triple-Axis Accelerometer (

This library is a basic implementation of the i2c protocol for the IC offering a simple way to get started with it on the Raspberry Pi.

You can import the module and get a sensor reading like this:

from adxl345 import ADXL345

adxl345 = ADXL345()

axes = adxl345.getAxes(True)
print "ADXL345 on address 0x%x:" % (adxl345.address)
print "   x = %.3fG" % ( axes['x'] )
print "   y = %.3fG" % ( axes['y'] )
print "   z = %.3fG" % ( axes['z'] )

or you can run it directly from the command line like this:

sudo python

which will output the current x, y, and z axis readings in Gs.

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