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Heartbeat example

This example, the Pulse-O-Matic 6000, is a heartbeat plotter and BPM display.


This code should not be used for medical diagnosis, as the basis for a real smoke or fire detector, or in life-critical situations. It's for fun/novelty use only, so bear that in mind while using it.


This example requires:


Pop the breakouts into your Breakout Garden, and then run the script in the root of this repository with sudo ./ to automagically install all of the required libraries.

Running this example

To run this example, type ./ in the terminal.

It's best to hold the sensor against your fingertip (the fleshy side) using a piece of wire or a rubber band looped through the mounting holes on the breakout, as the sensor is very sensitive to small movements and it's hard to hold your finger against the sensor with even pressure.

If you're using your MAX30105 Breakout with Breakout Garden, then we'd recommend using one of our Breakout Garden Extender Kits with some female to female jumper jerky.


You can add (or edit) the line dtparam=i2c_arm_baudrate=1000000 at the bottom of your /boot/config.txt file to speed up your I2C a bit and improve the speed of this example.

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