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Basic demonstration of Fan Shim's RGB LED. Cycles around the circumference of the Hue/Saturation/Value colourspace.

Demonstrates usage of button press, release and hold handlers.

Demonstrates toggling the fan on and off with the button.

Complete example for monitoring temperature and automatic fan control.

  • A long press on the button will toggle automatic mode off/on
  • A short press - when automatic is off - will toggle the fan

The LED will fade between green (cool) to red (hot) as the Pi's temperature changes.

The script supports these arguments:

  • --on-threshold N the temperature at which to turn the fan on, in degrees C (default 65)
  • --off-threshold N the temperature at which to turn the fan off, in degrees C (default 55)
  • --delay N the delay between subsequent temperature readings, in seconds (default 2)
  • --preempt preemptively kick in the fan when the CPU frequency is raised (default off)
  • --brightness the brightness (value of HSV) of the LED (0-255, default 255)

Deprecated arguments

  • --threshold N the temperature at which the fan should turn on, in degrees C (default 55)
  • --hysteresis N the change in temperature needed to trigger a fan state change, in degrees C (default 5)

You can use systemd or crontab to run this example as a fan controller service on your Pi.

To use systemd, just run:

sudo ./

You can then stop the fan service with:

sudo systemctl stop pimoroni-fanshim.service

If you need to change the threshold, hysteresis or delay you can add them as arguments to the installer:

sudo ./ --on-threshold 65 --off-threshold 55 --delay 2

To enable CPU-frequency based control:

sudo ./ --on-threshold 65 --off-threshold 55 --delay 2 --preempt

You can also add --noled to disable LED control and/or --nobutton to disable button input.

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