Python library for the Pimoroni PanTilt servo and lighting HAT
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Pan-Tilt HAT

Pan-Tilt HAT is a two-channel servo driver designed to control a tiny servo-powered Pan/Tilt assembly. It also controls either PWM-dimmed lights or WS2812 pixels; up to 24 RGB or 18 RGBW.


Full install ( recommended ):

We've created a super-easy installation script that will install all pre-requisites and get your HAT up and running in a jiffy. To run it fire up Terminal which you'll find in Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal on your Raspberry Pi desktop like so:

Finding the terminal

In the new terminal window type:

curl -sS | bash

If you choose to download examples you'll find them in /home/pi/Pimoroni/pantilthat/.

Library install for Python 3:

on Raspbian:

sudo apt-get install python3-pantilthat

other environments:

sudo pip3 install pantilthat

Library install for Python 2:

on Raspbian:

sudo apt-get install python-pantilthat

other environments:

sudo pip2 install pantilthat

In all cases you will have to enable the i2c bus.

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