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Easy VLC Radio

The easy VLC Radio set up is a small pre-built image with all the things needed to make your pHAT BEAT-powered Pirate Radio work out of the box.

It's not designed to be highly interactive or customisable, but is great if you want to get a simple radio up and running quickly.

It's still in beta testing, but it works well in many cases. Read more about it, and find the latest download link here:

Raspbian VLC Radio

This project rolls a VLC radio onto your Pi, complete with controls via the buttons on pHAT BEAT.

Check out the full tutorial on our learning portal!


The recommended way to install this project is using our one-line-installer, as this will ensure the pHAT BEAT is properly set up for playback:

curl | bash

Alternatively, if you are sure you have a working setup and just want to refresh this project to get all the latest improvements, you can run:


After install you should be asked to reboot. If not, reboot :)

When the VLC Radio is ready to rock, the VU should flash once briefly. Press FF or REV to start playback.

You can also access the VLC server via http on port 8080 if you'd like to add streams or control playback and volume if you are not right next to the radio (leave username blank and use password raspberry).


A default playlist is supplied with the project, but you can (and probably will want to) tune in your favorite stations, of course.

You can either create a playlist.m3u and drop it in your home folder (in /home/pi/.config/vlc/), or if you don't feel like logging in via ssh you may also drop the playlist.m3u in the /boot partition of your SD from another computer and the VLC daemon will copy it in place for your convenience.

Reboot (or restart the vlcd service) after editing or creating the file for it to take effect.

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