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RoboPeak/DFRobot 2.8" USB TFT Driver

This is an unmodified compiled, packaged, easy-to-install distribution of the official RoboPeak Mini Display Display driver. It's intended to run on Raspbian Jessie or Wheezy on the Raspberry Pi, and has been compiled for various different kernel versions.

You can find the original source code, and raise issues at

Before installing, make sure you're up to date:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot


git clone
cd rp_usbdisplay

Unless you're okay with starting it up manually ( sudo modprobe rp_usbdisplay ) You'll also have to make sure that rp_usbdisplay starts automatically by editing /etc/modules and adding the line:



Clone this repo.

Where <kernel_version> is the version of your kernel returned by uname -a

Copy drivers/<kernel_version>/rp_usbdisplay.ko to /lib/modules/<kernel_version>/kernel/drivers/video/ Copy drivers/<kernel_version>-v7+/rp_usbdisplay.ko to /lib/modules/<kernel_version>-v7+/kernel/drivers/video/

Run sudo depmod

Then modprobe rp_usbdisplay

Your USB display is now installed and should appear as /dev/fb1

The display should go black. Test with: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb1

Boot X Desktop On USB Display

Although you'll get little use out of your desktop on the USB display, we've included the configuration file which will get it running. See /extra for more information.

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