How to install NFC on Sony Smartwatch 3

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This is a guide to install NFC on your Sony Smartwatch 3. If anything goes wrong along the way, go to step 3 and start over.

Warning, following this guide will void your warranty

1, Install ADB (and Fastboot) on your computer

There are several guides how to do this, here is one: 0

If this link doesn't work, just Google it.

2, Enable developer mode on your watch

On the watch goto "Settings -> About" and click on "Build number" until it says "You are now a developer".

Goto "Settings -> Developer options -> ADB debugging" and enable.

3, Check watch build number

On the watch goto "Settings -> About". Scroll down until you see "Build number". It will say something like LWX48F.

If it says "LCA43", you are lucky! Goto section 6.

If it starts with "M". Your version is too new and needs to be downgraded. Goto section 4.

If it starts with "L". Your version is too old and needs to be upgraded. Goto section 5.

4, Downgrade your version

This guide is based on

Start by downloading all the files from

Restart watch to fastboot. Write "adb reboot bootloader". Wait until it says "Running Fastboot"


Ensure SWR50.img & twrpnew.img are copied into C:\adb

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem unlock (Yes, twice)

fastboot format cache

fastboot format userdata

fastboot flash recovery SWR50.img (that's one of the files you downloaded)

fastboot boot twrpnew.img

The phone will now reboot and you should see a menu on the watch. If it's stuck in boot sequence, goto ERR1 and then try "fastboot boot twrp.img".

adb push /sdcard/

Press "Install" on the watch. Goto folder sdcard, press and install.

After installation, press back. Goto "Wipe" and slide to factory reset.

Reboot device.

Redo step 2.

5, Install LCA43

Install system updates until it says LCA43 under "Settings -> About -> Build number". You can see system update progress by going to "Settings -> About -> System updates".

6, Install NFC

Download file from

Do "adb reboot bootloader"

Now it should say "Running Fastboot".


fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem unlock

fastboot oem unlock (yes, twice)

fastboot boot twrpnew.img

adb push /sdcard/

On the watch you should see a menu. Press "Install" and locate the file under sdcard. Install it, then reboot.

If it boots, congratulations! Your watch now supports NFC!

If it doesn't work, try to factory reset: First goto ERR1, after that write:

fastboot erase userdata

fastboot erase cache

fastboot reboot

If it still doesn't work, goto retry. Do step 4, 5, 6 again.

ERR1, start fastboot

If you can't get to fastboot by running "adb reboot bootloader", do this:

  1. Hold power button until watch turns off.
  2. Unplug watch from computer.
  3. Hold power button until a blue screen appear. DO NOT INSERT USB! (Yes, I know it tells you to)
  4. Double press power button. Now the screen should say "Fastboot" with a black background.
  5. Double press power button again. The screen should say "Running Fastboot" with a white background.
  6. Plug it back to the computer
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