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#Anything Order

Reorder any post types and taxonomies with drag and drop.


This plugin allows you to arrange any post types and taxonomies with simple drag and drop within the builtin list table on administration screen.


  • Support for any post types and taxonomies.
  • Multiple selection is available.
  • Capabilities aware.
    'edit_others_posts' for post.
    'manage_terms' for taxonomy.
  • No additional column in builtin tables.
  • No additional table in database.


  1. Upload 'anything-order' to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

##Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a question

A. Check out the support forum on

Q. I don't want some post types to be sortable.

A. Uncheck the "Order" option in "Show on screen" section on Screen Options tab to disable sorting.

Q. How do I reset the order?

A. Click the "Reset" link next to "Order" option on Screen Options tab.

Q. How do I select multiple items.

A. Ctrl(or Command on OS X)+Click toggle selection state of current item.
Shift+Click select items between first selected item on the list and current item.

Q. I want change item hierarchy with drag and drop.

A. Currently not supported.


Enable/Disable arrangement
Enable/Disable arrangement with drag and drop on "Screen Options" tab.

Multiple selection
You can select multiple items.

Dragging items
Dragging multiple items.



  • Initial Release

##Upgrade Notice

The current version of Anything Order requires WordPress 3.8 or higher. If you use older version of WordPress, you need to upgrade WordPress first.


Reorder any post types and taxonomies with drag and drop.






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