A repo containing documentation on how to use the syzygy service.
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Syzygy Intro Site

This repository contains the hugo files for generating intro.syzygy.ca. The repository contains two branches

  • master: All of the development files for building the site
  • gh-pages: The rendered html/css/js files and nothing else

The intention is that you should be able to mostly ignore the gh-pages branch and just concentrate on making changes in the master branch. The deploy.sh script and the steps outlined below should then take care of updating the gh-pages. To do this, we have implemented the steps in this blog post, with the public directory containing a git subtree with the gh-pages branch.


Updates to the site should be made in the master branch. A typical workflow might look like

  1. Edit markdown files under ./content
  2. Run hugo server and check the changes at http://localhost:1313
  3. Run the ./deploy.sh script to commit changes and push them to github

Step 3 combines a few steps into one, it should

a. Run hugo to update the contents of the ./public directory b. git commit -A your changes on the master branch c. push the master branch to github.com d. push the gh-pages branch (./public directory) to github.com

Once the last step is completed the changes should be publicly visible on intro.syzygy.ca