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jquery.chromelog brings back the old style logging of jQuery objects in Chrome.


Instead of console.log($foo), use $foo.log().

By default, .log will mimic the old style logging as much as possible. There is also other functionality available for convenience:

.log([tag], [options])

  • tag: A string that will appear in the log, so that you can easily identify multiple logs. Additionally, when using tag, the last set logged with a certain tag is stored at $.fn.log.history[tag].

  • options: An object with the following properties (default options can be set in $.fn.log.defaults):

    • inline: Whether or not to log the jQuery object on one line:

      • true: The object will be logged as an array on one line (like Chrome did previously).
      • false: Each element will be logged on its own line (requires group not to be false).
    • group: A boolean indicating a console group:

      • true: an expanded group in the console will be made that you can collapse.
      • "collapsed": Like true, but the group will be collapsed initially.
      • false: No group.
    • source: Whether the source location of the .log call will be logged.

    • range: An array of two indices to slice the logged array. Negative values count from the end, with -0 meaning the length. So e.g. [0, -0] will log the whole jQuery object, and [1, -2] will log the whole object except the first and last two elements.