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The elementary OS experience for Gentoo Linux.
Shell C CMake
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app-dicts/lingo Cleanup, added bzr-based releases
app-editors/scratch Updated scratch to 2.2.0
app-office Fixed maya (added contractor as dep, synced with live ebuild)
dev-db/sqlheavy Updated sqlheavy live ebuild
dev-libs Dropped vala-0.28 due to gtk issues, fixes #114, fixes #115
distfiles Fixed #25, a snapshot for gala is now available. Fixed #30 added mutt…
gnome-base Corrected GSD patch series
gnome-extra/gnome-screensaver Synced gnome-screensaver with portage
mail-client/geary Updated geary, synced with portage
media-fonts/raleway Fixed copyrights to please repoman
media-sound Updated indicators
media-video Mask audience live ebuild, sync ebuilds
metadata Added masters to layout.conf as suggested by portage
net-libs/webkit-gtk Updated midori (+webkit fix), gnome-settings-daemon, gsettings-deskto…
net-misc Added taxi bzr ebuild.
net-news/feedler Updated minimum Vala version to 0.20
pantheon-base Updated pantheon-greeter and elementary-theme to 2.0.2 and 4.0.4 resp…
pantheon-extra/elementary-tweaks Cleaned up elementary-tweaks
profiles Add USE dependency, now with correct packagename
scripts Updated various packages
sys-apps/accountsservice Synced accountsservice with portage
sys-power/indicator-power Updated indicators
www-client/midori Forgot to include last fix
x11-libs Updated gtk+ to 3.16.5
x11-misc Fixed indicator-datetime dependency on eds
x11-terms/pantheon-terminal Updated pantheon-terminal to
x11-themes Updated pantheon-greeter and elementary-theme to 2.0.2 and 4.0.4 resp…
x11-wm/gala Added/Updated missing files Added bug reporting link Dropped manual install from README

To install this overlay using Layman (app-portage/layman, run the following command:

layman -a elementary

Updating is easy, just run:

layman -s elementary

or (to update all overlays managed by layman):

layman -S
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