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#Hackathon ##An innovative web-app that helps students at MIT

##Group members:

  • Alberto
  • Anders
  • Riccardo
  • Viesturs

##How might we help students on MIT? Creating value for students and for school.

##How can we create added value? We have to define student’s goals and needs/pain points.

##Students needs/pain points

  • Students might not be able to take notes for every lecture for many reasons (sickness, work, etc.).
  • On the Fronter you can find lesson plans and PDFs, but they don’t give you enough information.
  • This lack becomes especially bad when you have to study for an exam and you miss some note.

##Our goal… …is to help students providing them notes and information about every lecture, and we want to do this by making a collaborative notebook in which everyone can share their material (as tasks, notes, code snippets and pictures).

##Student outcome

  • With our web-app students can easily confront each other and share their knowledge, getting a richer and more complete learning experience.
  • Having access to all this content can also reduce the differences of knowledge between students of the same class.

##School outcome We believe that a higher number of students will pass the exams with better grades thanks to our web-app, and this makes a lot of added value for the school.

##Which features will create the desired outcomes?

  • Must haves
    • Login system for students (each user assigned to a class)
    • Students can upload information about every lecture as:
      • Bullet points
      • Code
      • Plain text
      • Pictures
  • Nice to have
    • Admin account (who is the one telling the system which classes have which subjects)
    • Being able to see info from other classes, but without writing permissions
  • Nice to have but we will never have time to do these things anyway
    • Fronter integration (same login, get the classes, etc.)

##How it’s made

  • Different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL
  • OOP paradigm
  • Database
  • Github to synchronize the development of the web-app and make the code open-source