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A LaTeX beamer version of the UTBM presentation theme using TikZ
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A LaTeX beamer version of the UTBM presentation theme using TikZ.

You can preview the theme with the compiled example.


The LaTeX implementation I made is free but the theme belongs to the UTBM and can only be used with their authorization!

UTBM and all UTBM-related trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard in France, other countries, or both.


Install the package

Copy the directory beamerthemeutbm inside one of your texmf directory: to follow the TDS (TeX Directory Structure), copy it in <texmf_folder>/tex/latex/.

Your texmf directory is usually $HOME/texmf on Unix operating systems.

On Windows with MiKTeX you can find it in MiKTeX's options:

  • Start menu -> MiKTeX -> MiKTeX settings
  • The options window should open
  • Go in the Roots panel
  • Check Show MiKTeX-maintained root directories
  • Take the path with the description: "CommonData, CommonConfig" (It is usually C:\ProgramData\MiKTeX\<version>) or add the path you want

Refresh the LaTeX databases

On Unix operating systems, in root:

$> mktexlsr
$> update-updmap --quiet

On Windows with MiKTeX

  • Start menu -> MiKTeX -> MiKTeX settings
  • Click Refresh FNDB
  • Click Update Formats


Select the theme with:


You can specify a illustration to use for the title page (\titlepage), example with the file cover.png:


The illustration option use the \includegraphics syntax.

The theme also add 2 commands:

  • \utbmtitle{Title} for a simple title page
  • \utbmclosingframe{Thanks}: for the closing frame

See example.tex for a complete example.

Building the example

Unix-like systems: makefile


$ make


$ make clean

Windows: make.cmd


> make.cmd


> make.cmd clean

Other resources

utbm-latex-internship-report-covers: A LaTeX version of the UTBM internship report covers using TikZ.

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