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A LaTeX version of the UTBM internship report covers using TikZ
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A LaTeX version of the UTBM internship report covers using TikZ.

You can compare the original version and the LaTeX version.


The LaTeX implementation I made is free but the covers belongs to the UTBM and can only be used with their authorization!

UTBM and all UTBM-related trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard in France, other countries, or both.


The package require the Tahoma font as the original covers use it.

To load the Tahoma font, the fontspec package is used which means the document must be compiled with xelatex or lualatex (at the moment not lualatex because of a pgf bug).


Install the package

Copy the directory utbmcovers inside one of your texmf directory: to follow the TDS (TeX Directory Structure), copy it in <texmf_folder>/tex/latex/.

Your texmf directory is usually $HOME/texmf on Unix operating systems.

On Windows with MiKTeX you can find it in MiKTeX's options:

  • Start menu -> MiKTeX -> MiKTeX settings
  • The options window should open
  • Go in the Roots panel
  • Check Show MiKTeX-maintained root directories
  • Take the path with the description: "CommonData, CommonConfig" (It is usually C:\ProgramData\MiKTeX\<version>) or add the path you want

Refresh the LaTeX databases

On Unix operating systems, in root:

$> mktexlsr
$> update-updmap --quiet

On Windows with MiKTeX

  • Start menu -> MiKTeX -> MiKTeX settings
  • Click Refresh FNDB
  • Click Update Formats


Include the package:


Configure the displayed information:


Use \makeutbmfrontcover{} to print the front cover and \makeutbmbackcover{} to print the back cover.

See latex-version.tex for a complete example.

Usage with upmethodology

The tex-upmethodology collection of packages available on and on CTAN.

An upmethodology extension is included with the package, in your .tex document using the document class upmethodology-document put:


before using the utbmcovers configuration functions.

See latex-upmethodology-version.tex for a complete example.

Other resources

utbm-beamer-theme: A LaTeX beamer version of the UTBM presentation theme using TikZ.

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