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TODO for Pymacs
Actual bugs
+ Work around multi-byte and Unicode
+ DOS line endings problem
+ XEmacs problems (like pop-excursion) and support
Internal problems
+ User interrupts on the Emacs side
+ Usability of Emacs hooks
+ Remaining rpymacs solutions
+ Possible memory leaks
+ Verbosity of ``(pymacs-eval "dir()")``
Documentation (more about…)
+ Recent installation procedure
+ Contrib issues (like XMLRPC)
+ Examples
+ Emacs Lisp / Python deep differences
+ Speed issues
New features (to ponder)
+ Expose various close operatios
+ Better support of special forms
+ Real multi-byte and Unicode
+ Relate Lisp hash tables to Python dicts, maybe?
+ Automatic conversion of alists
+ Implement pseudo-primitives for indexing
+ Allow iterating over vectors
+ Jython and IronPython support
+ Loading, and Emacs file handlers
+ Comply to some Python standards (PEP 8?)
+ Emulator for Vim support
+ Emacs started and driven from Python
+ Emacsclient/gnuclient support
+ Allowing of threads
+ Enhancements to *Pymacs*
+ Indent
+ Interpret numbers
+ Highlight
+ Python shell link to helper
+ Python traceback on Lisp generated errors
+ Have tests/pytest use cProfile if available
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