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2008-03-15 François Pinard <>
* Amiga/lib-Makefile: Previously lib-Makefile.Amiga.
* Amiga/src-Makefile: Previously src-Makefile.Amiga.
* Adjusted.
* DJGPP/, DJGPP/, DJGPP/configdj.bat,
DJGPP/configdj.sed, DJGPP/ New files.
* djgpp-README, djgpp-diffs: Deleted.
Reported by Juan Manuel Guerrero.
2008-03-08 François Pinard <>
* README, djgpp-README: Write Recode, not Free recode.
2008-02-22 François Pinard <>
* recode.spec2: New file.
* recode.spec1: New name for recode.spec.
Reported by Bennett Todd.
2008-02-21 François Pinard <>
* README: Converted to reST.
2000-06-29 François Pinard <>
* recode.spec: New file, meant for RedHat.
* Distribute it.
Reported by David Lebel.
1998-11-28 François Pinard <>
* Makefile.amiga, Makefile.amiga-lib: Recoded /cl to Unix.
Reported by Stefan Haubenthal.
* lib-Makefile.Amiga: New name for Makefile.amiga-lib, to cope
when unpacking the distribution within an 8+3 environment.
* src-Makefile.Amiga: New name for Makefile.amiga, same reason.
* Adjusted.
Reported by Eli Zaretskii.
1998-11-22 François Pinard <>
* Makefile.amiga: Updated.
* Makefile.amiga-lib: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
From Stefan Haubenthal.
1998-10-23 François Pinard <>
* Makefile.amiga: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
From Stefan Haubenthal.
1998-03-09 François Pinard <>
* README: Include information from previous PORTS file.
1997-12-05 François Pinard <>
*, README, djgpp-README, djgpp-diffs, recode.el,
utf8.el: New files.
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