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1999-05-31 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.5.
1999-04-01 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4r.
1999-01-07 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4q.
1999-01-05 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4p.
1998-12-31 François Pinard <>
* Accept defining DEFAULT_CHARSET to the empty
string, when it is set but empty at configure time. This is the
way to inhibit any usual charset.
1998-12-18 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4o.
1998-12-14 Andreas Schwab <>
* Remove command to create po/Makefile, already done
1998-12-14 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4n.
1998-11-24 François Pinard <>
* Check for inline.
1998-11-23 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4m.
1998-11-13 François Pinard <>
* PATCHES-AM: Deleted.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1998-10-28 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4l.
1998-10-20 François Pinard <>
* Make tests/atconfig instead of tests/testsuite.
Do not make tests/test-one. Use AT_CONFIG instead of fp_PROG_ECHO.
1998-10-13 François Pinard <>
* Version 3.4k.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/test-one and
tests/testsuite instead of tests/preset. Make them executable.
1998-09-30 François Pinard <>
* PATCHES-LT: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1998-08-24 François Pinard <>
* (BABYL): Adjusted after last reorganisation, here.
1998-06-22 François Pinard <>
* COPYING-LIB: New name for COPYING.LIB, around Automake with
--gnits not allowing COPYING.LIB.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute it.
1998-06-21 François Pinard <>
* Remove AC_LINK_FILES, as AM_GETTEXT does it now.
1998-04-22 François Pinard <>
* AC-PATCHES: Revised patches for Autoconf 2.12.
* AM-PATCHES: Patches for Automake 1.3.
* Distribute them.
1998-03-31 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Document malloc and realloc.
* acinclude.m4: Deleted.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Substitute m4/Makefile.
* (SUBDIRS): Include m4.
* Use AM_PROG_LEX instead of AC_PROG_LEX.
1998-03-09 François Pinard <>
* AC-PATCHES: New file, from elsewhere.
* PORTS: Deleted. Integrated into contrib/README.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1998-01-08 François Pinard <>
* acinclude.m4 (fp_OS_MICROSOFT): New.
* Maybe select IBM-PC as the default default charset.
1997-12-25 François Pinard <>
* Do not check for the pipe function.
1997-12-05 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Create contrib/Makefile.
* (SUBDIRS): Visit the contrib/ subdirectory.
1997-11-24 François Pinard <>
* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Replace gnits by gnu, so
COPYING.LIB gets distributed.
1997-11-16 François Pinard <>
* Check for stdbool.h.
1997-10-05 François Pinard <>
* Add a missing AC_LINK_FILES for gettext.
Reported by Alain Magloire, Eric Backus, Jean-Claude Nadeau, Niels
Kr. Bech Jensen and Santiago Vila Doncel.
1997-09-28 François Pinard <>
* PORTS: New file.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1997-09-26 François Pinard <>
* Remove popen support.
1997-09-24 François Pinard <>
1997-07-30 François Pinard <>
* Check for unistd.h and utime.h.
1997-04-01 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add da.
1997-02-26 François Pinard <>
* missing: New file, from elsewhere.
1997-02-25 François Pinard <>
AM_GNU_GETTEXT instead of ud_GNU_GETTEXT. Delete README-alpha
code, Automake handles it now.
* acinclude.m4: Replaced whole, from elsewhere.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Leave README-alpha to Automake.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add pt.
1997-02-12 François Pinard <>
* Simplify AC_OUTPUT, per new Autoconf and Automake.
1996-11-08 François Pinard <>
* Switch to the letter scheme for pretests.
1996-09-20 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Remove pt, disclaimer not received.
1996-09-03 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/Makefile and tests/preset.
* (SUBDIRS): Add tests/.
1996-08-27 François Pinard <>
* Distribute README-alpha.
(ALL_LINGUAS): Add `pl', `sl' and `sv'.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add acinclude.m4 for the time being.
1996-08-24 François Pinard <>
* New file, replacing
1996-08-23 François Pinard <>
* Use AM_ macros more than fp_ macros.
1996-03-06 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add `es'.
1996-01-07 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_STPCPY.
1995-07-23 François Pinard <>
*, acconfig.h: Adapt for GNU gettext 0.8.
1995-07-10 François Pinard <>
Distribution unflattened, for using GNU gettext.
* New file.
* Substitute all Makefile's.
1995-06-22 François Pinard <>
* (LINGUAS): Adjusted for pt.po.
* Previous history before unflattening, from version 3.0 and up:
All kept in src/ChangeLog.
* Previous history as saved from some oldish recode.texi:
August 1988:
Some tentative new charsets for TeX and texinfo, steps
merged and made more uniform, usage of Unix pipes
instead of translating chunks one at a time.
Loïc Dachary first exposed me to Easy French. Claude
Goutier, through numerous discussions, was helpful in
evaluating various work hypotheses.
July 1988:
Ported to BSD Unix, bent to meet most GNU standards.
December 1987:
Ported to Microsoft C, tables frozen instead of being
computed by auxiliary programs at installation time,
translation sequences sought at execution time instead
of built-in in the program.
July 1985:
Adapted in Turbo-Pascal on an IBM-PC, translation
tables completely redesigned. Dropping of CAF, RUB
and INT support; ASCII now used as a common base.
* Previous history as found in `secours,/s=codes,recode' output:
March 1983:
Version 2.0.
Merge of features from all versions. New extensive
documentation, in French. Handling of French for 95
character CDC printers.
November 1982:
Version 1.0.
Modified to handle NOS (NOS 6/12 code), INT (Intercom 8/12
code), RUB (7.5 characters per word, for tapes), support of
EBCDIC translations. Restructuration into a few main
modules, one of which is CODES. Made in preparation for
the Cray-1 at Canadian Meteorological Center.
December 1981:
Revision of comparison routines for French processing,
several suggestions from Francine Ouellette.
December 1980:
A few speedups and improvements. My own definition of
extended ASCII, quite compatible with various usages at
Université de Montréal.
July 1980:
Module GEN broken into several modules: ASC (ascii), BNG
(bang-bang), CAF (format for CAFÉ project), DPC (usual
display code), and TEL (TELUM packing). Made in context
of some research for the PPMF group and the BLOPS project.
January 1980:
Unified module named GEN and program named GENCOP, in
Cyber Pascal and assembler, partly inspired from NOS/BE
Record Manager, partly from Claude Schnéegans' PESTUM
Before 1980:
Several independant programs, most in Cyber COMPASS
assembler, to handle code conversions. A few tries to
get some useful, unified, general approach, but with
limited success.
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