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Free recode NEWS - User visible changes. -*- outline -*- (allout)
Copyright © 1993, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
* Version 3.5d - François Pinard, 2000-03.
.* General changes
. + The Texinfo manual is now indexed, by charset, by concept, etc.
. + Program messages are also available in Greek, Gallicean and Italian.
. + Bruno Haible's nice portable iconv library has been integrated.
. + RFC 1345 tables and French character names have been updated.
. + The Texinfo charset has been refreshed, and made reversible.
.* New charsets (most from libiconv) [list to be revised]
. + Japanese
EUC-JP (csEUCPkdFmtJapanese,
ISO-2022-JP (csISO2022JP); ISO-2022-JP-1; ISO-2022-JP-2 (csISO2022JP2);
JIS_X0201 (csHalfWidthKatakana, JISX0201-1976, JISX0201.1976-0, X0201);
JIS_X0208 (JIS0208, JIS_X0208.1983-0, JIS_X0208-1983, JIS_X0208-1990,
JIS_X0212 (csISO159JISX02121990, ISO-IR-159, JIS_X0212.1990-0,
JIS_X0212-1990, X0212);
. + Chinese
EUC-CN (csGB2312, EUCCN, GB2312); EUC-TW (csEUCTW, EUCTW);
HZ (HZ-GB-2312); ISO-2022-CN (csISO2022CN); ISO-2022-CN-EXT.
. + Korean
ISO-2022-KR (csISO2022KR);
KSC_5601 (CP949, csKSC56011987, ISO-IR-149, KOREAN, KSC5601.1987-0,
KS_C_5601-1987, KS_C_5601-1989).
. + Vietnamese (independently of libiconv)
. + Other languages
ARMSCII-8; Georgian-Academy; Georgian-PS; WINDOWS-874 (CP874);
MuleLao-1; CP1133 (IBM-CP1133); CP1258 (WINDOWS-1258);
TIS-620 (ISO-IR-166, TIS620, TIS620.2529-1, TIS620-0, TIS620.2533-0,
. + Apple specifics
MacArabic; MacCentralEurope; MacCroatian; MacCyrillic; MacGreek;
MacHebrew; MacIceland; MacRomania; MacThai; MacTurkish; MacUkraine
. + Unicode
JAVA; UCS-2-BE (csUnicode11, UNICODE-1-1, UnicodeBIG); UCS-2-INTERNAL;
. + Others
CP932; CP950; CP866 (866, csIBM866, IBM866).
. + Recode internal
:libiconv: (:) [so option -x: avoids going through libiconv]
.* New aliases (from libiconv) [list to be revised]
csASCII (for ANSI_X3.4-1968); csHPRoman8 (for hp-roman8);
csISOLatin1 (for ISO-8859-1); csISOLatin2 (for ISO-8859-2);
csISOLatin3 (for ISO-8859-3); csISOLatin4 (for ISO-8859-4);
csISOLatin5 (for ISO-8859-9);
csISOLatin6 and ISO_8859-10:1992 (for ISO-8859-10);
csISOLatinArabic (for ISO-8859-6); csISOLatinCyrillic (for ISO-8859-5);
csISOLatinGreek (for ISO-8859-7); csISOLatinHebrew (for ISO-8859-8);
csKOI8R (for KOI8-R); csPC850Multilingual (for IBM850);
csUCS4 (for ISO-10646-UCS-4); csUnicode (for ISO-10646-UCS-2);
csUnicode11UTF7 (for UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7);
csVISCII and VISCII1.1-1 (for VISCII);
ISO-IR-179 (for ISO-8859-13); csMacintosh and MacRoman (for macintosh);
TCVN5712-1, TCVN5712-1:1993 and TCVN-5712 (for TCVN).
* Version 3.5 - François Pinard, 1999-05.
.* Incompatible changes
. + A double dot `..' should now be used instead of a colon `:'.
. + Option --force (-f) is needed to pursue recoding despite errors.
. + There is no more quoting for special characters within charsets names.
. + Auto check (`-a') and popen (`-o') options have been withdrawn.
. + Some charsets and aliases were deleted, see `Charsets & aliases' below.
.* Extended features
. + Program messages are available in localised form for many languages.
. + Long character names are available in French, if LANGUAGE is set to `fr'.
. + A new request syntax allows for recode chaining, and for surfaces.
. + Option --header-file (-h) accepts a language parameter, and Perl is new.
. + Full charset listings now show the UCS-2 value for characters.
. + Option --known=PAIRS (-k) also accepts octal and hexadecimal numbers.
. + Option --list (-l) better sorts charsets and aliases, also fully written.
. + Charset `RFC1345' implements mnemonic+ascii+38, and is now reversible.
. + HTML is not limited anymore to Latin-1, HTML 4.0 entities are supported.
.* New features
. + Euro support.
. + Updated RFC 1345 set of tables, from Keld Simonsen.
. + Some African charsets and transliterated forms.
. + Conversions for ISO 10646 and Unicode.
. + Combining or explosion of UCS-2 diacriticized characters and ligatures.
. + Implementation of surfaces, see `Surfaces & aliases' below.
. + Mixed mode for recoding only comments and strings in C sources or PO files.
. + A stand-alone recoding library gets installed, often as a shared library.
. + Option --find-subsets (-T) lists charsets which are subsets of another.
. + The library may generate testing data, and study character frequencies.
.* Charsets & aliases
. + New ISO 10646 and Unicode charsets
. - combined-UCS-2: pseudo-charset.
. - count-characters: pseudo-charset.
. - dump-with-names: pseudo-charset.
. - ISO-10646-UCS-2: aliases are UNICODE-1-1, BMP, rune and u2.
. - ISO-10646-UCS-4: aliases are 10646, ISO-10646, UCS-4 and u4.
. - UNICODE-1-1-UTF-7: aliases are TF-7 and u7.
. - UTF-8: aliases are UTF-2, UTF-FSS, FSS_UTF, TF-8 and u8.
. - UTF-16: aliases are Unicode, TF-16 and u6.
. + RFC 1345.bis matters
. - Deleted charsets
dk-us, us-dk (because of &duplicate which `recode' does not handle yet).
. - New charsets
baltic (alias is iso-ir-179); CP1250 (1250, ms-ee, windows-1250);
CP1251 (1251, ms-cyrl, windows-1251); CP1252 (1252, ms-ansi, windows-1252);
CP1253 (1253, ms-greek, windows-1253);
CP1254 (1254, ms-turk, windows-1254); CP1255 (1255, ms-hebr, windows-1255);
CP1256 (1256, ms-arab, windows-1256);
CP1257 (1257, WinBaltRim, windows-1257);
CWI (CWI-2, cp-hu); EBCDIC-IS-FRISS (friss);
GOST_19768-87 with aliases of previous GOST_19768-74;
IBM256 (256, CP256, EBCDIC-INT1); IBM875 (875, CP875, EBCDIC-Greek);
IBM1004 (1004, CP1004, os2latin1); IBM1047 (1047, CP1047);
ISO-8859-13 (ISO_8859-13:1998, iso-baltic, iso-ir-179a, l7, latin7);
ISO-8859-14 (ISO_8859-14:1998, iso-celtic, iso-ir-199, l8, latin8);
ISO-8859-15 (ISO_8859-15:1998, iso-ir-203, l9, latin9);
KOI-7; KOI-8 (GOST_19768-74); KOI8-R; KOI8-RU; KOI8-U;
macintosh_ce (macce); mac-is;
NeXTSTEP (next) yet previous `recode' had it outside RFC 1345.
. - Alias promoted to charset (with previous charset becoming alias)
ISO-646.basic (with ISO-646.basic:1983); ISO-646.irv (ISO-646.irv:1983);
ISO_5427-ext (ISO_5427:1981); ISO_5428 (ISO_5428:1980);
ISO-8859-1 (ISO_8859-1:1987); ISO-8859-2 (ISO_8859-2:1987);
ISO-8859-3 (ISO_8859-3:1988); ISO-8859-4 (ISO_8859-4:1988);
ISO-8859-5 (ISO_8859-5:1988); ISO-8859-6 (ISO_8859-6:1987);
ISO-8859-7 (ISO_8859-7:1987); ISO-8859-8 (ISO_8859-8:1988);
ISO-8859-9 (ISO_8859-9:1989); ISO-8859-10 (latin6);
NC_NC00-10 (NC_NC00-10:81); sami (latin-lap).
. - New aliases
037 (for charset IBM037); 038 (IBM038); 273 (IBM273); 274 (IBM274);
275 (IBM275); 278 (IBM278); 280 (IBM280); 281 (IBM281); 284 (IBM284);
285 (IBM285); 290 (IBM290); 297 (IBM297); 367 (ANSI_X3.4-1968);
420 (IBM420); 423 (IBM423); 424 (IBM424); 500, 500V1 (IBM500);
819 (ISO-8859-1); 864 (IBM864); 868 (IBM868); 870 (IBM870);
871 (IBM871); 880 (IBM880); 891 (IBM891); 903 (IBM903); 905 (IBM905);
912, CP912, IBM912 (ISO-8859-2); 918 (IBM918); 1026 (IBM1026);
ECMA-113, ECMA-113:1986 (ECMA-Cyrillic); GOST_19768-74 (KOI8);
ISO_8859-N (ISO-8859-N) for N = 1 through 10 and 13 through 15;
ISO_8859-10:1993 (ISO-8869-10); iso-ir-170 (INVARIANT);
KOI8_L2 (CSN_369103); pclatin2, pcl2 (IBM852); SS636127 (SEN_850200_B).
. + New African charsets
. - AFRL1-101-BPI_OCIL: aliases are t-francais and t-fra.
. - AFRFUL-102-BPI_OCIL: aliases are bambara, bra, ewondo and fulfulde.
. - AFRFUL-103-BPI_OCIL: aliases are t-bambara, t-bra, t-ewondo and t-fulfulde.
. - AFRLIN-104-BPI_OCIL: aliases are lingala, lin, sango and wolof.
. - AFRLIN-105-BPI_OCIL: aliases are t-lingala, t-lin, t-sango and t-wolof.
. + Extra miscellaneous charsets
. - KEYBCS2, Kamenicky.
. - CORK, T1.
. - KOI-8_CS2.
. + New HTML pseudo-charsets
. - HTML_1.1: alias is h1.
. - HTML_2.0: aliases are RFC 1866, 1866 and h2.
. - HTML-i18n: alias is RFC 2070.
. - HTML_3.2: reimplemented; alias is h3.
. - HTML_4.0: aliases are h4, HTML and h.
. - Deleted aliases: HTF, 8859, ISO 8859, Entities, SGML, WWW, w3.
.* Surfaces & aliases
. + New MIME encoding surfaces
. - Base64: aliases are 64 and b64.
. - Quoted-Printable: aliases are qp and Quote-Printable.
. + New permutation surfaces
. - 21-Permutation: alias is swabytes.
. - 4321-Permutation.
. + New end of line surfaces
. - CR.
. - CR-LF: alias is cl.
. + New (fully reversible) dump surfaces
. - Decimal-1: aliases are d and d1.
. - Decimal-2: alias is d2.
. - Decimal-4: alias is d4.
. - Hexadecimal-1: aliases are x and x1.
. - Hexadecimal-2: alias is x2.
. - Hexadecimal-4: alias is x4.
. - Octal-1: aliases are o and o1.
. - Octal-2: alias is o2.
. - Octal-4: alias is o4.
. + New miscellaneous surfaces.
. - data, test7, test8, test15, test16.
* Version 3.4 - François Pinard, 1994-11.
.* Charset HTML is new, it handles `&...;' sequences for Latin-1.
.* Charset AtariST handling is more general, --list may be used with it.
.* Charset ASCII-BS overstriking has been extended, mainly for German.
.* Charset RFC1345 may be a goal, to debug or study RFC 1345 short names.
.* Charset names have been revised. Note that nextstep is now NeXT.
.* Option --force (-f) is accepted, but does not yet protect reversibility.
.* Option --quiet or --silent (-q) silences irreversible recoding messages.
.* Option --known=PAIRS (-k) helps searching through recodings.
.* Option --sequence=pipe (-p) does not fall back on -o anymore.
.* Option --auto-check may narrow its study around one particular charset.
.* An MSDOS port is available, check in pub/gnuish.
.* Compilation should now succeed on OS/2 EMX. Thanks to Kai Uwe Rommel.
.* Program initialization is almost three times faster on average.
.* Corrected reported bugs, added small improvements, some aesthetic.
* Version 3.3 - François Pinard, 1993-12.
.* Charsets atarist, ebcdic-ccc, ebcdic-ibm and nextstep have been added.
.* Also, most RFC 1345 charsets and aliases are handled. That's a bunch!
.* Old ascii disappears because of RFC 1345's ascii, use ascii-bs instead.
.* Old maci disappears because of RFC 1345's macintosh, use applemac instead.
.* Charsets cccascii and cdcascii disappear, use ebcdic-ccc and ebcdic instead.
.* Recoding between latin1, ibmpc and applemac is (almost) reversible.
.* The texinfo documentation has been reorganized, this to be continued.
.* Long options are accepted, charset names may be abbreviated.
.* Option --list (-l) displays charsets, aliases and contents in many formats.
.* Option --strict (-s) asks for stricter, non-reversible recodings.
.* Option --graphics (-g) approximates ibmpc rulers with ASCII graphics.
.* Option --header (-h) produces C source for many recoding tables.
.* Option --auto-check (-a) reports about all possible recodings.
.* Option --ignore (-x) prevents a charset from being selected.
.* Execution has been sped up through step merging, hashing for charset names.
.* Many various buglets have been eradicated, portability increased.
.* Charsets may be edited out by modifying the Makefile only.
.* Configuration is made through the use of an external config.h file.
* Version 3.2.4 - François Pinard, 1992-10.
.* None.
* Version 3.2.3 - François Pinard, 1992-09.
.* New -d `diacritics_only' option for LaTeX.
.* A few bugs have been corrected.
.* Documentation reorganization and improvements.
.* Increased portability, now uses Autoconf.
.* A few bugs solved.
* Version 3.2 - François Pinard, 1991-10.
.* MSDOS port redone.
.* New check goal at installation time.
.* Add -v option for verbose processing, remove old -q.
.* Add -i, -o and -p for letting the user control the strategy.
.* A few bugs corrected.
.* Embedded NULs should now be transmitted.
* Version 3.1 - François Pinard, 1990-03.
.* Rename -V to -C for showing Copyright.
.* Calling sequence changed, said files now recoded on themselves.
.* Add -t option for touching files.
.* Better on-line help.
* Version 3.0.1 - François Pinard, 1990-02.
.* Add -q option for quiet processing.
.* Executable file now considerably smaller, also speedier.
.* A few bugs corrected.
* Version 3.0 - François Pinard, 1989-10.
.* New Text to Latin1 processing, should be faster.
.* A few bugs corrected.
* For prior history down to 1980, see at the end of the ChangeLog.
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