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THANKS: Seanster was not a real name

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1 parent 1f0a99c commit 9b2251915f19737a1b1fc54f9f16537f3a78d175 @pinard committed
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2  THANKS
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ Santiago Vila Doncel | sanvila at unex dot es
Saverio Pangoli | saverio at mystere dot sci dot sns dot it
Sebastian Huebner | cyco at baud dot de
-Seanster | Seanster at Seanster dot com
+Sean McLaughlin | Seanster at Seanster dot com
Scott Schwartz | schwartz at bio dot cse dot psu dot edu
Simon Cozens | simon at cozens dot net
Slaven Rezic | eserte at cs dot tu-berlin dot de

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